We take on world-class challenges to change lives for the better.

Whether climbing a mountain or cycling across a continent, our unique team dynamic inspires leadership, so that all involved become the best they can be. But that’s just the beginning.

The higher we climb and the further we go, the more Leadership Challenges raises awareness and essential funds for charitable causes.

Are you ready to be part of something truly outstanding?

Are you ready to meet the challenge?

Engineered for success

Our teams are inherently world class, and comprise three fundamental components:

  • Elite: former professional athletes inspire and lead the way.
  • Academy: members of wider society, from high-flying business people who are after an epic challenge, to less advantaged individuals searching for an amazing experience and a fresh direction in life.
  • Veteran: former service men and women whose experience and knowledge galvanise the organisation and all those within it.


Incorporating a unique method of developing adaptive leadership styles; emulating our world class challenge experience through a number of viable programmes to develop leadership capacity:

TEAMWORK: working effectively and efficiently towards a common goal

RESPECT: for both inside and outside of LC is not only a legal obligation, it is a fundamental principle of the freedom that our society enjoys

INTEGRITY: try to do the right thing, honest and straight forward with each other (trust), we uphold values and principles of LC in all that we do

PEOPLE: our most important asset, promote and reward and when required, discipline

LEADERSHIP: clear vision, focus on goals to achieve leadership objectives

COURAGE: both moral and physical. Show restraint or push limits to achieve aims, strength and confidence to do what is right