The Team

Leadership Challenges has brought together a team of experienced but amateur cyclists to tackle the first e2e Challenge. While some have completely endurance races such as Race Across America plus triathlons and Iron Man competitions, none has tackled anything such as this. This is the first time this route across Nepal has been attempted by bike. Some participants visited the country earlier this year so have an idea of what to expect. They have been leading their fellow team members on training rides throughout the UK to prepare for this unique expedition. These are their stories.

The Riders

John Hall

I do love a good challenge personally but also bringing people together into a team environment, bonding and facing the challenge together is incredibly rewarding. The events I have helped to put together, including two Race Across America in 2014 and 2015 have enforced this; seeing how a team dynamic comes together in a short space of time and watching the great friendships that are forged is just fantastic. I had no idea of the scale of the earthquake disaster until we visited Nepal in February. In the remote areas of the countryside it has been virtually impossible to get aid in and vital supplies to help rebuild the villages, therefore schooling for young children has suffered. In supporting YYY Foundation, e2eChallenge17 will help schools to be rebuilt and support the children of Nepal right back into education. I am so excited to be travelling to this wonderful country for such a great cause and to meet the people of Nepal again.

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Simon Jones


I’m doing e2eChallenge17 because as former teacher I am appalled to hear that there are so many schools needing help to function after the disaster.

I am also keen to be part of a team that is committed to achieving a common goal.

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Geoff Walker

geoff_walkerI’ve managed over the last 20 years or so to find a variety of ways to keep myself active and gainfully employed in some pursuit or other that keeps me from turning into a professional couch potato sports fan. In the past few years I have competed in Ironman France, the London Paris Cycle tour and a number of half and middle distance triathlons. My wife and 15 yr old daughter occasionally see me but usually wearing lycra and somewhat sweaty; without their support I would not be able to achieve anything however. I work as a doctor in the North East and am lucky enough to reside in Wensleydale, Yorkshire, where cycling up hills is a specialty. I am massively looking forward to pedalling in e2Challenge17, enjoying new experiences and making new friends.

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James Fuller

james_fullerAfter eight years in the Army and cycling with the 2014 team in Race Across America, I jumped at the opportunity to take this challenge on.  In my opinion, one of the most important gifts we can pass on to the next generation is education.  I was struck how hard working and resourceful Nepalese people are and even more so after the tragic earthquakes they have had to endure.  They have never given up, their kindness and humility are some of their qualities I took away with me after our recce in February. If we can change young people’s lives by education then we have succeeded in our goal.  We can make a difference with your help. Click to support James and e2eChallenge17

Richard Summersell

richard_summersellI’ve always loved cycling as well as a good physical challenge to help offset the effects of sitting at a computer for most of the day.  Previous challenges have involved winter climbing in many parts of the world, including several peaks in the Nepalese Himalayas.  When talking with local people in Nepal, it’s apparent how much they really value an education for their children as the best way to break out of poverty.  As there is very little or no free education, they will prioritise schooling whenever they can.  So it’s hard to believe that 2 years after the earthquakes there is still so much that needs to be re-built.  When I heard about the chance to be part of the E2E team visiting Nepal and cycling through the country, I couldn’t say no! I live near the Peak District which provides an ideal opportunity for training in the hills – I just need to do some more before October!

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 Trevor Phillips


I believe that anybody who wants to gain an education deserves to have a chance to do so. The tragedy that hit Nepal in 2015 was awful and the human cost was massive. The fact that today, two years after the quakes so many young people are either deprived of, or are having to undertake long and difficult journeys to achieve an education is a tragedy. I see the E-2-E Challenge as a chance to make a difference, not to everyone, but even if it is just a few children in a few schools it will have an impact, so I have joined the challenge. After having ridden the Race Across America twice and experiencing the physical and mental pressure of that race event, I have to admit it that the opportunity to cycle in Nepal and take in the scenery was big draw. It will no doubt have its challenges, the terrain will be difficult and the team will need to pull together, but I am expecting the experience to be wonderful.  I look forward to joining the team on the event and contributing as much as possible to the fund raising target!

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Janet Warren


I have spent time walking and travelling in Nepal and received great friendship and hospitality. This ride gives me the opportunity to do something about the hardship and difficulties created by the earthquake in 2015. I haven’t done much cycling so the trip will be very challenging for me but not anything like as challenging as daily life still is for the Nepalese people living in the areas hit. Please send us some money so we can build some schools.



Mike Griffiths – Leadership Challenges

Mike Griffiths day 6

During his 26 year career in the British Army Mike provided engineering solutions in extreme environments including the Balkan States, Angola, Canada, the Falkland Islands and extensively in Afghanistan and Northern Ireland.  He set up Leadership Challenges in 2016.  Using team-based adventures, LC delivers life-changing experiences to individuals from all walks of life.  Mike has guided elite teams to success in Race Across America (RAAM) three times, the latest being June 2017 when 8-man team Antonia’s Friends Antonia’s Friends completed in 7 days, 11 hrs, raising £15,605 for Asthma UK.  Together with colleague, Jo Craig, Mike is supporting Mark Beaumont’s bid to cycle Around The World in 80 Days.

Mike will provide essential support throughout e2eChallenge17 assisting with logistics and enabling the riders to overcome the challenging terrain.

Tim Hunt – Hunt & Create

Likhu school 1After a few too many beers at a Bath Rugby game I was introduced to John Hall. He told me he was cycling Nepal, I told him it needs documenting. The next day I woke up with quite the hangover and my girlfriend telling me I’m off to Nepal.  Fast forward to now and I’ve already had the chance to visit the amazing country and make a small film as to why e2echallenge17 is happening and the purpose of the funds being raised.

I’m looking forward to getting back out there with the team and capturing the challenge in November and producing a film that tells the story of how the cyclists got on!

Watch Tim’s film of the February recce trip