Day 1: YYY Foundation Visits School Reconstruction

Prior to the e2e Challenge this October, YYY Foundation are in Nepal, re-visiting relief projects in communites that were torn apart by the 2015 earthquakes.Jumlingtar_2

Among the team are Helen and Sarah. They recently visited Jumlingtar school, which YYY Foundation began re-building last year.Jumlingtar_sport

The school block was built first, followed by all-important toilets. These were especially important for girls, who have not been able to receive continuous education during their periods.Jumlingtar_toilets

Other improvements that Helen and Sarah saw included completed construction of the library, a school office, and a computer strong-room, which is needed to keep hardware safe and secure when not in use.strong_rm_admin_block


Two new rooms are big enough to accommodate a pre-school class. Fencing around the school’s perimeter is next on the wishlist, needed to ensure that children stay at school during lunch breaks.Julingtar_6

Currently, pupils have a propensity to wander home without returning when not in the classroom. Constructing a fence will enable them to stay at school throughout the morning and afternoons, so that they can develop social relationships, strengthen their education and enhance their sense of identity.Jumlingtar_5


YYY Foundation has also provided uniforms and books for Jumlingtar’s school.     Julingtar sign

Stay tuned for more updates from YYY Foundation as they continue to follow up reconstruction projects in Nepalese communities.